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Pure Obsessional Ocd

Pure O OCD also known as Pure Obsessional Ocd

Like any disease or syndrome, there are many different types and different manifestations ofOCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where sufferers use certain particular rituals to combat the unwanted thoughts that enter into the mind, is fairly well documented. Less well known is Pure O OCD, a form of obsessive compulsive disorder which is based more upon the unwanted thoughts and mental obsessions which cause OCD, rather than the rituals and habits which characterise the disorder.

Everybody in the world is capable of having unwanted, unpleasant and frightening thoughts. The mind is capable of creating some really odd and disturbing imagery-just think back to any particularly nasty dreams you may have had, to see the truth in this. The difference between the majority of the population and sufferers of any form of OCD is that someone with OCD will experience these thoughts and their subsequent anxiety all the time, and will find it difficult or impossible to get rid of them. This is where the compulsive behaviours come in-sufferers are trying desperately to gain a marginal control over the unpleasant intrusive thoughts, and the idea behind the rituals is that the sufferer can regain control over their actions and try to prevent the events that they fear so much from occurring.

Pure O OCD is the same disoder, but instead of the outward manifestations of the symptoms, sufferers tend to live very much inside their own heads. The thoughts are the controlling influence here, rather than the physical compulsions that are so prevalent in other types of OCD. Many sufferers of the pure O ocd will not manifest any outward symptoms at all, making the condition very difficult to understand, recognise and treat.

Because of the insular nature of this type of OCD, it can be very hard to get sufferers to talk about their issues. To talk about these things is to acknowledge them, and for many sufferers of pure O OCD this is completely impossible-to acknowledge the thoughts and issues that trouble them so is to invite them to happen, and people feel that they will be causing the very thing that they are trying to avoid.

Sufferers of Pure O OCD still show the compulsive behaviours seen in OCD sufferers, but as the rituals are mainly hidden away in the mind it can be very hard to identify.

The nature of the unwanted thoughts that cause OCD are generally the most negative and unpleasant, frightening and abhorrent mental imagery possible. Sufferers, as well as being upset, frightened, worried and anxious about these thoughts, can start to feel a sense of guilt, or fear that these thoughts will manifest themselves. A sufferer of Pure O OCD will often be afraid that he or she will act out the terrible thoughts and images that they have in their mind, and this causes feelings of self loathing and insecurity, as well as the fear and guilt.

The thoughts can be anything, from losing a loved one in a terrible way to steering into oncoming traffic. Many sufferers experience fear of shouting out offensive things, being unfaithful in a relationship, and even fear of acting out thoughts of physical or sexual violence. The thoughts are unrelenting and constant, and necessitate the range of mental compulsions to try to keep them out of the sufferers mind.

These thoughts and fears are not only undesireable and unpleasant, but they are often the opposite of how the sufferer truly feels. Nobody wants to see loved ones get hurt, and nobody wants to hurt other people-but the thing that makes pure O OCD so awful is that the sufferer feels that, at any minute, they could do or say the very thing that they are so dreading and which they will not be able to forgive themselves for. OCD in all its forms feeds off feelings of guilt, self doubt and responsiblility, and it can be a very lonely and isolating disease.

There is no quick and simple solution to OCD. It is a disorder of the mind, and therefore can be very difficult to treat. The only way to help a sufferer of OCD is to help them feel comfortable speaking about their feelings, and to help them realise that the dreadful things they imagine and picture so vividly do not have to come true.

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